Who Is ProCalcs?

In this short video, you’ll learn about how ProCalcs addresses the needs of Builders, Architects, Engineers and HVAC companies by delivering high quality results and flexible turnaround to Homeowners, Residential/Commercial Builders and HVAC contractors.

Why Use Custom Load Calcs?

There’s many local codes now requiring Manual J and Manual S calculations for every new home and remodel that changes the load of the house. The fact is, very few HVAC contractors know how to properly execute either calculation. Although advances in building insulation are rapidly changing the profile of the average American home, the […]

Manual J Load Calculations for HVAC Contractors

Outsourcing your manual J load calculations helps your business save time and money. The calculations for old homes and buildings help you plan the replacement HVAC system, and you can use calculations in a brand new building to create the right HVAC system. You must create a new business model that takes calculations from an […]