Submit Resumé and Take Assessment

Submit Resumé and Take Assessment


Current Job Openings:

HVAC Residential Designer (Virtual)

Are you an unusually organized and creative thinker? Do you naturally take ownership and track details to completion? Are you a passionate individual who believes anything worth starting is worth measuring?

Do others describe you as a key player? Are you excited about keeping numerous projects moving forward at one time? Do you view interruptions as opportunities rather than frustrations? If so, keep reading …

The Design Group at ProCalcs is looking for a few Project Designers.

This is a quickly growing department. The position is not for the 8-5 minded individual, we are looking for true workhorses. People willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the task at hand. This is a fast pace environment and you must be able to handle lots of information flowing in and out. The candidate selected will play a key part in the success of the growing design team working on projects all over the country. In addition, this person will help coordinate projects inside the department, with administrative support as needed. Be sure to include the hashtag #teamprocalcs in your cover letter.


Has enough professional design or HVAC experience that they don’t wonder if they have enough!

Experience to Apply:

  • Ability to execute with limited departmental administrative guidance
  • Gets upset when excuses are given
  • Eats difficult issues like a college student eats ramen
  • Gets stuff DONE!
  • Doesn’t allow “bright and shiny” to distract them
  • Sets a goal then takes action to conquer it!
  • Multi-tasks so well that plate spinners look on with awe
  • Extremely organized and detail oriented
  • Willing to do whatever it takes to get something done
  • Can use AutoCAD better then Bruce Lee fights in Enter the Dragon
  • Believes in having fun
  • Is always learning, growing, and being stretched
  • Desires to be a part of something larger than themselves
  • Knows how to work a PC and Mac
  • Can get around with Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Power Point)
  • Is a naturally gifted communicator
  • Works hard but also likes to have F.U.N. while getting things done!

If you’re into obscure bands, random foods or anything else off the beaten path … we may hire you for those reasons alone!

(Persons fluent in Klingon need not apply)

Be prepared to bring your personality with you all day, every day.

This is a Virtual opportunity! You will need to have a home office with a computer and desk to work from as well as a quiet environment to be able to meet project deadlines. Full time employment, with paid training. No health benefits at this time.

When applying answer these questions in you cover letter:

  1. Give an example of a time you identified and fixed a problem, before it became urgent?
  2. How do you know when you can resolve a problem, on your own, or when you might need to engage some help?
  3. How do you set up your day for success?

What We Can Do For You:

ProCalcs will provide designers with aggressive, hands-on training to ensure that they are comfortable working with the programs and flow processes of business. Once efficient and comfortable enough to generate the income necessary, designers will partner with the ProCalcsowner to transition into the role of Full-Time Virtual HVAC Residential & Commercial Designer. For the right candidate, we are looking to promote within from HVAC Residential & Commercial Designer to Lead HVAC Residential & Commercial Designer, in charge of projects and designer workflows. Additional income will apply.

Our Benefits Include:

$40,000+ per year including the following:

  • Project Commissions per project paid weekly & potential for monthly goal bonuses.
  • A Virtual Work Environment
  • Uncapped Project Commissions