Working side by side with a professional company can mean the difference between a smooth running project and a nightmare. The owner of ProCalcs Calculations division is certified for duct design, test and balance, Manual D certified, and holds a class “A” license. This means our company is constantly up-to-date on industry data to ensure a great experience.

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HVAC Design for Homeowners

HVAC Design

Most homeowners will purchase one new HVAC system in their lifetime, and it’s important to select the best one for your needs. Unfortunately, the first place most people turn to is HVAC contractors who often rely on outdated methods for determining load and capacity for these systems. They also fail to understand how to manage air distribution to avoid drafts and stagnant air problems. If you or your builder are considering working directly with an HVAC contractor, ask them these questions first:

If you or your builder are considering working directly with an HVAC contractor, ask them these questions first:

  • What are the U factor and SHGC of the windows in the building?
  • What is the difference between foam roof deck and attic insulation?
  • How does duct work design impact air flow?
  • Why are these issues important in determining HVAC capacity?

For light commercial building, another important question is whether the capacity calculations have included code requirements for fresh air flow.

The truth is that most HVAC contractors can’t answer these questions, and worse, don’t understand why they are important. In most situations, they recommend a system that has too great a capacity for your needs. This results in increased mold growth, high humidity, and inconsistent temperatures throughout the building.

ProCalcs professionals have the expertise to design the right system for your needs, taking each of these important factors into account. We do not install systems and have no incentive to recommend one product over another. Our goal is that your project meets all applicable codes and is sized exactly right to your needs.

To learn how we can save you time and money, assuring that you install the perfect system for your home or building.

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