Manual D is the ACCA method used to determine the overall duct layout and sizes. Once you know how much a/c you need, what equipment you have and how you will distribute the air, you can design the duct system. This is important to make sure the right amount of air gets to the right room.  The ductwork must be designed and sized correctly.

HVAC System Design Form

Duct Design & Sizing

Manual D

The ANSI-recognized national standard for residential HVAC duct design will help you design a duct system in less time.

Our company offers a variety of services and is constantly up-to-date with regard to industry data and standards, continuously ensuring total mastery over our craft and high quality services. In many municipalities, Manual D is a mandatory requirement.

Manual D - Residential

  • Most proven Industry Standard for sizing home HVAC equipment
  • Required by many permit offices to meet code requirements
  • Prevents inadequate airflow, high utility bills & coil freezing
  • Ductwork is the blood vessels of the HVAC system
  • Size registers based on ACCA Manual T Air Distribution

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