Eliminate your problems of feeling drafts from the moving air or having inadequate mixing of the air. It’s possible to get enough conditioned air into a room but still have it uncomfortable because all the air just sits in one spot.  Call us today for help.

HVAC System Design Form

Air Distribution Basics

Manual T - Air Distribution Basics

Manual T - Residential & Commercial

From the room-by-room loads and cfm requirements, you can determine how to distribute the air in the room so that you get enough to meet the needs (the higher of the heating and cooling cfm requirements from Manual J).

The right termination (the grille that you see from inside your house) can make dramatic differences in how air moves around the room. Some terminations are more effective than others, for certain situations. We’ll make sure your terminations match the needs of the home.

Manual T shows you how to prevent drafts and stagnant air problems caused by improper sizing or incorrect equipment selection.

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