Working side by side with a professional company can mean the difference between a smooth running project and a nightmare. The owner of ProCalcs Calculations division is certified for duct design, test and balance, Manual D certified, and holds a class “A” license. This means our company is constantly up-to-date on industry data to ensure a great experience.

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HVAC Design for Contractors

HVAC Design

HVAC design has changed. Old load calculations do not take into account newer insulations, improved windows, and overall tighter construction. Using the traditionally accepted, but outdated formula, results in the installation of oversized air conditioning system and specific problems, including:

  • Mold Growth
  • Humidity
  • Inconsistent Air Temperatures in the Building
  • Customer Complaints

Let us help you determine the right capacity for your client’s projects. Using Manual T, Manual S, and other relevant calculations, we help you select the best system, duct design, and other installation considerations that achieve the best possible outcome for a specific home or light commercial building. We don’t sell or install the equipment, and have no incentive to recommend one system over another. Our goal is to help you provide the best service possible to your clients and achieve high customer satisfaction.

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