September 12 2016 0Comment

South Hero & Burlington, Vermont

Tom & I had a fantastic time traveling from New York to Vermont including taking the RV and the truck across the water via ferry.  How cool is that!

We stayed at Apple Island RV Resort in South Hero. What a fantastic campground with the friendliest staff and guests. We met some great people here including Dany & Lucy and Mark & Anne. We give Apple Island a A++++ and we will be back.

The Skinny Pancake was a great place that we had breakfast at with some new friends as well, almost everything here is served in a crepe.

Vermont is well known for being the Beer Brewing Capital of the U.S. There are brew houses everywhere.

We had dinner at Our House and while the food was good, the service was super slow. They specialize in Mac & Cheese in every way possible.

Church Street Marketplace was totally awesome. They had everything from clothing stores, liquor tastings, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Store, Sushi Vendors, to a regular indoor mall in the middle of this outdoor extravaganza.

Vermont is absolutely beautiful and has a lot of really cool places to visit. We will be back hopefully when it’s snowing❤️❤️❤️ Well done Vermont!!!