Why Use Custom Load Calcs?

There’s many local codes now requiring Manual J and Manual S calculations for every new home and remodel that changes the load of the house. The fact is, very few HVAC contractors know how to properly execute either calculation.

Although advances in building insulation are rapidly changing the profile of the average American home, the typical HVAC contractor still selects an air conditioning system for a home based on the old rule of thumb of 500 sq. ft. per ton. Unfortunately, most contractors are afraid to change this long habit of ‘guesstimating’. This ‘fear factor’ holds many contractors in design paralysis. In a new home, this practice can have disastrous consequences. As the building envelope is made more efficient and the effective R-value is dramatically increased by the use of spray foam and other high efficiency insulation measures such as SIPs, ICF and dense pack cellulose, the size of the air conditioning equipment should logically decrease.

A well-constructed high-efficiency building envelope can and does change the rules.

ProCalcs years of experience indicate that when properly assembled, a super efficient home can be cooled with an A/C unit as little as half the size of one used to cool a conventional home.

Consequently, this helps HVAC contractors avoid the common install issues related to oversized equipment in high efficiency homes.

Manual J Load Calculations for HVAC Contractors

Outsourcing your manual J load calculations helps your business save time and money. The calculations for old homes and buildings help you plan the replacement HVAC system, and you can use calculations in a brand new building to create the right HVAC system. You must create a new business model that takes calculations from an outside vendor, and you will transform your business into a much more efficient operation. The business model explained below will help you get more work done accurately on every project you take.

What Is The Manual J Load Calculation?

The manual J load calculation tells you how much power is needed in the building. The calculation covers the entire building, each floor of the building and each room in the building. You must have a calculation that explains where the power in the building is to be directed, and the calculation must be perfect. You will use calculations from the vendor to plan all your projects, and each calculation can be shared with the owner of the building. This sort of working partnership makes planning for each project much simpler, and you will feel confident knowing that you have made the right decision.

Why Not Do The Calculations Yourself?

The manual J load calculations that you take on your own take entirely too long, and your crew members may not have time in the day to do the calculations during a service appointment. Sending a third-party to the customer’s address will help your crew members move on to other locations. Your schedule is extremely tight, and you should not waste time doing a calculation that you can hire someone else to do for you.

The Incredible Accuracy

The accuracy of each calculation is practically guaranteed when you start work on each new project. A company that does manual J load calculations all day can complete the job in a few moments, and you will learn quickly that the vendor will get the job done when you have no time to waste. One of your crew members may take too long to get the calculation done, but someone who does these calculations every day will get the job done when there is no time left.

Scheduling Your Appointments
You may work with your customers to create appointments for the calculations, and you can create appointments in a matter of moments. Each calculation is done at the leisure of the customer, and you are forwarded the paperwork when the job is done. You need not wait for the paperwork to come in the mail, and the customer will hold their own copy of the calculation. You may begin selling your customer the correct HVAC unit, and work on the installation can begin immediately.

Hiring another vendor to calculate your manual J load calculations will help you move to new projects every day. Your own technicians will not waste time on the calculations, and you are sure the job was done right. Design your HVAC systems using accurate calculations designed by a professional.

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